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ARDELL COSMETICS Fright Night Spooky Lashes Mesmerizing

BRAND: Ardell Cosmetics
PRODUCT: Fright Night Spooky Lashes MESMERIZING

Seriously bewitching and enchanting, Ardell Fright Night Spooky Lashes in MESMERIZING is so's a little scary! They feature an exaggerated doe-style crisscrossing feathery and wispy rounded silhouette and magical, wispy bottom lashstrip.

Scare them with your frighteningly beautiful eyes, no matter what costume you choose!

Includes small tube of lash adhesive (.6 ml/.02 fl oz)
Full volume, extra long length
Rounded lash: longest in the center for an intense, wide-eyed masquerade/doe effect
Subtle spiky silhouette
Includes wispy bottom lashstrip

Lash Style: Glam
Wear: Fashion, Seasonal
3 200Ft/pair
Coming soon...OUT OF STOCK
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1. If needed, trim lash to fit your eyes.
2. Apply strip lash adhesive to lash band; wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become slightly tacky.
3. Using the applicator, apply lashes along natural lash line. Hold allowing adhesive to dry completely.


1. Gently peel off lash strip, starting at the outer corner.
2. Use oil-based eye makeup remover to remove excess adhesive from lash band and eyelid.
3. Place lashes back onto the tray for future use.


1. Always remember to check fit. Lay eyelash on top of your natural lashes and trim if needed.

2. Give your glue enough time to become tacky before applying lashes. Wait 30-60 seconds for optimal results and hold lashes in place when applying, allowing the adhesive to dry completely.

3. To Clean Lashes, remove the strip of dried adhesive with a pair of tweezers. Lay the lashes on a tissue and use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to rub the lashes from root to tip until they are completely clean. Place the clean lashes back onto the tray for future use.