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ARDELL COSMETICS Pre-Cut Lashes Wispies

BRAND: Ardell Cosmetics Professional
PRODUCT: Pre-ut Lashes Wispies

Ardell Pre-Cut Lashes Wispies provides easy lash application and faster customization for lash looks with Ardell’s #1 lash style. Each Ardell Pre-Cut Wispies lash comes with 4 pre-cut section which allows you to create your own unique look!

Lashes pre-cut into 4 smaller segments

Apply all 4 segments for a full strip lash look or apply fewer segments to accent the outer corners of the eyes for a flared, cat eye look

Shorter lash segments reduces lifting on the ends of the lash band
2 640Ft/pair
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How to Apply:

Gently flex the ardell pre-cut lash band so that it has a slight arch. Then align band with natural lash line to check the fit, and if necessary, trim the outer end with scissors.

Apply a thin line of DUO Adhesive along band and wait for 30 seconds until adhesive becomes tacky.

Place band against eyelid as close to the lash roots as possible. Gently press along the band out to the edges to secure.

To Remove: Starting from the outer edge, gently peel lash off
lid. Carefully remove the adhesive from the band. To maintain shape for re-use: place lashes back on tray.