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MaqPro Professional Fard Rouge Palette 10 AC3

BRAND: MaqPro Professional
PRODUCT: Fard Rouge Palette 10 AC3

Professional Lip Palette

What makes MaqPro unique? To start, every product is manufactured entirely in France, with only the highest quality French components to earn the coveted "Origine France Garantie" label - French origin certified. Each carefully crafted fard creme color is made with only the best and most natural waxes for a staying power of up to 12 hours. The smooth formula is concentrated in pigment and creamy to the touch, also making it ideal for pairing with a moisturizer, primer, or thinner of your choice for achieving sheer coverage. This is not your average makeup; feel none of the constraints of pre-mixed, pre-blended colors and enchant your will to create.

A little goes a very long way! If you've used any creme fard product from MaqPro, you know that the color is packed to punch; this small, see-through acrylic casing holds 10 base color shades in a modest rectangular container. These Petite Palettes are the ultimate space-saver for your kit, and afford you the luxury of having twice the color possibilities in a fraction of the space.
10 450Ft/pcs 5 225Ft
ON SALE: 10.11.2021 - 31.12.2022
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Size: 30 ml | Measure: 6,5x5,5x1,5 cm | Price: 174 160Ft / l