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JESSUP 15 pcs Zinfandel Brush Set T283

BRAND: Jessup
PRODUCT: 15 pcs Zinfandel Brush Set T283

Jessup Zinfandel makeup brush set is inspired by the famous Zinfandel grape with rich aroma and beautiful color, which is exactly like our exquisite makeup life. 15pcs/set Makeup brushes set include various brush shapes, apply for all makeup looks, ideal for face and eyeshadow, suitable for professional or home use.

For Brush Hair:

Traditional Handmade Patent,The new upgraded Mixed Natural & Synthetic Hair Elastic, Soft and Silky, Dense Strong Ability to Grasp Powder and Make up. Creating a delicate makeup becomes extremely easy.

For Handle:

Fashionable Zinfandel handle with Ingenious Bronzing. Let the exquisiteness accompany by your side. 7 Times Coated Birch Wood, Suitable Weight and each has a Functional Identification, Convenient to Distinguish. Our care is shown in the details

1pcs Foundation brushes : 104
2pcs Powder brushes: 101, 106
2pcs Contour&Blusher Brush:110, 127
2pcs Concealer : 142, 233
4pcs Blending : 227, 228, 230, 231
2pcs Eyeshadow: 234, 237
2pcs Brow & Liner : 317, 322
11 850Ft/pcs
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