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KISS i-ENVY Super Flex Eyelash Adhesive BLACK

PRODUCT: i-ENVY Super Flex Eyelash AdhesiveKiss
COLOR: black

Ienvy Super Fit adhesive is made out of natural rubber that is easy to apply and easy to remove without residue.

- Eyeliner blending black type
- Rubber Type glue
- Easy to apply
- Easy to clean off (NO Residue)
- Water / Sweat Proof
- Safe on Skin (Ophthalmologist Tested, Hypoallegenic)
- Formaldehyde FREE
2 500Ft/pcs
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How to apply Kiss Premium Eyelashes:
1. Brush adhesive onto lash band. Glue applies, and dries, black and blends seamlessly with eyeliner.
2. Wait 20-30 seconds until the glue gets tacky.
3. Gently apply at the lash line pressing lashes to hold in place.

How to Remove Kiss Premium Eyelashes:
1. Gently peel off ash strip, starting at the outer corner.
2. Use oil-based eye makeup remover to remove excess adhesive from lash band and eyelid.
3. Place lashes back onto the tray for future use.