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COSTOO Silcopad

BRAND: Costoo
PRODUCT: Silcopad
COLOUR: white

1 Silcopad pair contains 1 silicone pad "left" and 1 silicone pad "right"

- care of the sensitive skin under the eyes
- skin-friendly, soft high-tech silicone for all skin types
- washable
- usable up to 100 times
- dermatologically tested
- intesify your favorite eye care with silcopad thermal effect
- self-adherent high tech silicone uses the body temperature to create a thermal effect
- eye care creams and active ingredients wants to be faster and more effective

Silcopad for Thermal Active Skin Care is specifically designed to intensify eye treatments and get the most out of eye creams, serums and skincare products. Made of self-adherent high tech silicone that uses the body temperature to create a thermal effect. Eye care creams and active ingredients will operate even faster and more effective

- 2 Silcopads per package, one for each eye
- Made from extra soft, pliable, high-tech silicone.
- Reusable up to 100 times and very easy to clean
- Washable and self adherant (no glues)
- No mess when during eyelash and make-up application and make-up
5 440Ft/pcs 2 720Ft
ON SALE: 28.11.2019 - 31.12.2020
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