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Make Up Plaza distributes professional, exclusive makeup product not only for professionals.

Make Up Plaza was established in 2009. Within the top brands distributed by us one may find the most successful, most sought after and award-winning and professionally renowned products that are truly reckoned as unique. Amongst our star products one may find the professional top-, as well as middle- and lower price categories. The brands and their products are being introduced continuously.                                         

Fashion-, film- and theater professionals have been using the makeup products that can be found in our webshop for a long time with pleasure. We offer a wide range of products in all colours, as well as in all types thus following the current trends and developments. Our products are excellently suitable to create natural, daytime, occasional, wedding and creative makeup and you may also find the most suitable ones for photoshooting, feature photography and for shooting movies as well.

By Make Up Plaza you will have the possibility to pamper yourself with something special and/or trendy or to please someone else. Our goal is to have everyone find the most suitable product for themselves let that person be a professional, advanced or beginner makeup artist. We are waiting for you with a wide and a continuously and gradually renewed colour- and product range. 

MAKEUP ABC accessible on our main page provides assistance in interpreting the expressions of the "makeup jungle".




Our goal is to familiarize – not only with makeup lovers – the professional top-, middle- and lower price range makeup products that are already well known abroad and that numerous of our national makeup artists use with pleasure.

By the help of makeup you may emphasize you beauty and conceal your imperfections. With makeup you may achieve that your face will glow, your lips will be impressive and your eyes will be irresistible. Our products are excellently suitable to create natural, daytime, occasional, wedding and creative makeup and you may also find the most suitable ones for photoshooting, feature photography and for shooting movies as well. 

We would like to provide help for all those in the world of makeup „jungle” who are just entering the world of glamour, pampering, luxury and makeup. We would like to popularize the foreign celebrity brands and their products within the circles of the hungarian audience that represent a worthy place for several years now at beauty-exhibitions, fashion shows, magazines and are used by numerous celebs, makeup gurus and mask artists not only abroad but in Hungary as well.   

We would like to make these professional products available for makeup professionals so they can supplement their previous high-level work, thereby be able to sort from a wider circle of products with which they can further enhance their performance up to now.  

Beside our products you may find their description, use, which we illustrate with pictures and videos. Our product range expands continuously and gradually and we wait for our dear inquirers with surprises, promotions, competition announcements therefore it’s worth visiting us regularly.

We consider it important that whoever visits us would not only see products but would learn about them and learn how to use them. We often allow our eyes to tempt us, we buy the selected product but because we use them incorrectly they end their „career” in the drawer. We would like to help to avoid this. Make Up Plaza is trying to help you with countless descriptions and videos so you may get what you expect from the product.   

In order to navigate properly amongst the meaning of foreign words and experssions of the makeup world, our Makeup ABC provides help for you that we continuously update.

We trust that our present visitors will gladly get acquainted with the world of makeup and those dear readers who have known or have been using these products will also be satisfied with the pages of Make Up Plaza.

We hope that shortly we will welcome you amongst our registered members as a satisfied User and/or Customer.

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Our department store works from its own warehouse stock. The products on stock may be placed into the basket; they may be purchased and we will deliver them with the transport mode that is selected on the order sheet.                                                                           

Our webshop waits for you with a wide, continuously and gradually renewable product range where you may primarily meet the domestic and foreign most sought after and most popular award winning and professionally awarded star products. You may comfortably shop through our webshop. Look for your favorite brands and products on our virtual shelves or familiarize yourself with them and choose at your convenience.

In our webshop you may browse at your pleasure without having to order, register or disclose your personal identity so you may get to know our website better, get informed about our products and prices. In this case it is not necessary to give your information. Every products’ price is indicated with the VAT (27% value-added tax).

We wish you a pleasant stay! 


 We reserve the right to change on every page of www.makeuplaza.hu