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                                                                                                                            To place an order in our internet shop it is only possible electronically through the internet at the www.makeuplaza.com webaddress following the registration at our site. We can not accept the orders coming in by phone, SMS, e-mail or regular mail.

Before shopping at the www.makeuplaza.com webshop you have to register or you can order without registration, during which you have to present us with your general personal information, delivery- and billing information. Registration and presentation of your information is voluntary and free. The Customer/User, by placing his order at the webshop, filling out and/or sending us the registration form accepts and acknowledges every condition mentioned in this regulation and all the conditions under every menu as well as the General Terms and Conditions (hereafter: GTC) that you can read in more detail under the Legal and Privacy, GTC menu.

Placing an order does not constitute as a contract. Before the order is sent by mail it is subject to change free and without any consequences or it can be cancelled through phone or electronically at our info@makeuplaza.hu address. The contract between the parties takes effect when the goods are purchased.

The order, placed by the customer, only takes force if it is confirmed within 48 hours by makeuplaza.com from the info@makeuplaza.hu address electronically on the e-mail address given by the customer. If an e-mail address is not real or does not function as well as giving false information at registration, BioBronz Kft. the operator of makeuplaza.com takes no responsibility for delayed or failed transportation nor for any damages resulting from this toward the Customer. We ask you to check in every case that your mailbox is not full that it operates properly and that people with freemail mailboxes would check their spam account if they can not find our confirmation in their mailbox.

In case the customer is not able to ensure the reception of the ordered product and we have to bring back the package at our own expense, then the next time it is possible that we will not be able to fulfill an order for the same address.

BioBronz Kft. reserves the right that based on its own judgment it does not deliver the ordered products from the webshop to ceratin addresses. In case BioBronz Kft. decides not to deliver the ordered goods it will send a written notice about it to the indicated e-mail address. If a package has not been received the delivery costs and every damage will be charged on the customer that we will enforce by law.

We reserve the right to partially- or completely reject the confirmed orders. Patrial fulfillment can only happens after coordination with the Customer. In case the product’s purchase price has been paid in advance we will transfer back the total amount to the Customer on our own expense.

All costs of damage or fraud are borne by the Customer!
Please, read carefully the other menu as well.



To make purchases in our webshop you have to register in our website first, or you can buy without registration also. Before sending your order please re-check your data for eventual errors and make sure your e-mail box is not full. If your data are not correct, we cannot send you our order confirmation! Customers having a mail box at freemail.hu may find our letter of confirmation in the SPAM box, so we kindly ask you to check this box too for our confirmation in case you cannot find it among the incoming letters.
The order procedure consists of  9 simple steps:

1. Please register in our website.
2. Select the product you want to purchase.
3. From "Make your selection" tab select the color or any other feature of the product selected.
4. Put the product into the cart.
5. Set the quantity to be ordered using the + and - keys.
6. In case you want to purchase more than one product, repeat steps 2 – 5 above for each product to be purchased.
7. When everything you want to order is in the cart, push the "ORDER" key.
8. Fill in the blank (personal data, invoice data)
    Select the delivery and payment terms you prefer (please see the weight table!)
9. Push the "ORDER COMPLETE " key.


Please, ignore the followint steps: 1.) and 2.) 

Normally within a few minutes or hours, or after the completion of the daily order processing, but – depending on the arrival day and time of the order – not later than within 48 hours following the receipt of your order we send an order confirmation from our e-mail address
info@makeuplaza.hu to your e-mail address specified during the registration. In this confirmation you will find the list of the ordered product(s), their prices, the delivery cost, the expected delivery date (by mail) and the access path to our General Terms and Conditions. Moreover, in case you have selected bank transfer or cash payment to our bank account as preferred payment terms, you will find the necessary bank details in our oder confirmation too.

A separate shipment advise will be sent to you by e-mail on the delivery of the goods. Please make sure somebody is there to accept the parcel when it is delivered to your address. When you pay by bank transfer or by cash payment to our bank account, please make sure you pay exactly the necessary sum (no more, no less).

ATTENTION! The return costs of the unaccepted goods will be charged to the Customer!
How to change or cancel an order:
Before the delivery of the goods (the expected delivery date is mentioned in our order confirmation) you can any time change or cancel your order in an e-mail or by phone. However, once the order is delivered, you cannot cancel it anymore. The return costs of the goods will be charged to the Customer. In case of non-acceptance, the entire delivery cost will be charged to the Customer.

Order processing:
Our order processing and customer service is available on weekdays from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. We cannot guarantee that your order will be processed during weekends and on bank holidays.
However, you can send us your order beyond the above office hours. In such cases the orders will be processed on the next business day. So, should you place your order beyond the office hours, it will be processed on the next business day at the latest.

Late payment in case of bank transfer or cash payment to our bank account:
In case you have selected bank transfer or cash payment to our bank account as preferred payment terms, you have to make the remittance or the cash payment before the payment date indicated in our order confirmation. Should you fail to meet this obligation, your order will be automatically canceled without any notice. We ask for your understanding.