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Barry M Cosmetics

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Barry M Cosmetics was created in 1982, in London, Great Britain, by Barry Mero.

In the early 80's Barry had a number of retail outlets in London selling beauty and cosmetic products. The fashion was for dramatic, outrageous make-up, however, he found that no one was producing the exciting and vivid colours that his customers really wanted. So, in June 1982, he created the Barry M Cosmetics range.

Barry M soon became a cult name in the field of colour cosmetics. Back in those days, if you were a new romantic, a punk or goth, the chances are you would have been using Barry M to make your fashion statement!

Now, many years' later Barry M is now the Britain's leading colour cosmetics brand - other big beauty companies may claim to be British but, in fact, very few of them really are!

That's important because, when it comes to having a British heritage and a British eye for colour and style, we're proud to be True Brits. And we're proud to offer our customers a unique mix of high quality, cruelty free, on trend products at affordable prices.