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PAESE Self Glow Highlighter

BRAND: Paese Cosmetics
PRODUCT: Self Glow Highlighter

Self Glow is a multi-purpose highlighter.
-innovative formula for wet and dry use
-Technological back injection * process allowed to capture the volatile pearl and obtain a unique glow
- blackcurrant seed oil supports comprehensive care

Selfglow highlighter that blends with the skin and gives an unprecedented glow. Thanks to the back injection * method, we have closed even more small pearls in the product, which give a unique effect without leaving a powdery layer on the skin.

The combination of two champagne shades and a formula that can be applied dry and wet gives more possibilities. You can get a natural, silky glow or an impressive glass effect. Product for use on the face and body .
The addition of blackcurrant seed oil closed in nanostructures ensure comprehensive care. The combination of gold and pink pigments emphasizes the natural shade of the skin.

PRO TIP : Apply the highlighter with a wet sponge to the points of light before applying the foundation for a trendy glossy skin effect .

* Back injection is an innovative technological process for the production of pressed products. At the beginning, we make a liquid mass that allows all pigments to be retained in it. The liquid mass of the product is injected into a plastic cup, and then evaporated, so that even the smallest and volatile pigments remain in the product. This process produces extremely delicate formulas that are better to apply, are lighter in consistency and last longer.

3 100Ft/pcs
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Apply to the tops of the cheekbones in a "C" shape facing the temples and browbone.
For a full glow effect, apply to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, corners of the eyes, cleavage or wherever you like.