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PAESE All About You Eyeshadow Palette

BRAND: Paese
PRODUCT: All About You Eyeshadow Palette

She likes to be herself, so she does not refuse herself innocent pleasures. When she wants, she enjoys biscuit and chocolate. Spontaneously buy another silk t-shirt or a large bouquet of roses. She thinks that the perfect makeup is the one that will seduce her first. In her favorite palette with eye shadows she finds everything that is so close to her, which speaks about her.

All About You is a unique palette of 12 eye shadows, which was created for the world of women's pleasures, dreams and customs. To best take care of what is so beautiful in you, we have combined shadows with active ingredients that nurture the skin.

All About You is a story about your everyday pleasures and rituals. About You and about what fills your life. It's what you need for a special make-up and what you're looking for in the eye shadow palette.

- a palette of 12 eye shadows
- unusual shades in nude colors
- shadows with matte, satin and metallic textures
- bright colors will emphasize your natural beauty
- darker shades will create a graceful evening make-up
- pallet made entirely in Poland
- the All About You palette is also the care of your skin and innovative ingredients responsible for the quality, durability and pigmentation of shadows

12 shades of nude:

1. ALMOND - satin light beige
2. DO NOT FORGET - flesh-colored mat
3. BISCUITS - creamy biscuit
4. GO TO WORK - matte gray brown
5. SILK LINGERIE - metallic cool brown
6. CHOCOLATE - dark chocolate with a matte finish
7. COTTON - matte light beige
8. PROSECCO - champagne pearl
9. PRINCESS DREAM - light pink with shimmering brocade
10. WAKE ME UP - bright shimmering pink
11. DESERT ROSE - matte plum brown
12. NIGHT AFFAIR - black with pink and purple flecks
12 925Ft/pcs
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