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PAESE Honey Mood Eyeshadow Palette

BRAND: Paese Cosmetics
PRODUCT: Honey Mood Eyeshadow Palette

Honey Mood Eyeshadow Palette has been inspired by spring, as it combines sunny, floral and honey shades with your favorite glittery topper. New advanced eyeshadow formulas make their application and blending simple and smooth. Variety of eyeshadows of the Honey Mood palette allows you to create make-up for any occasion!

1. Vanilla - matte vanilla beige
2. Meadow - matte heather violet
3. Bee - iridescent, silvery topper
4. Queen bee - metallic golden brown
5. Nectar - peach matte with a blend of pink
6. Bear - matte dark chocolate
7. Beehive - medium, warm brown
8. Elvish - violet iridescent gold
9. Honeydew - iridescent purple black
10. Saffron - matte, saffron purple
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