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Shadow Shields 60 pcs/2 box

BRAND: Shadow Shields
PRODUCT: 60 pcs/2 box

Protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout
Creates a straight edge for shadow
Helps perfect the winged cat eye
Aids in perfecting lipstick application
Self Adhesive
Saves Time
Eliminates Mess
Hands Free

Achieve a mess-free makeup application with Shadow Shields. The gentle self-adhesive pads protect your under-eye area from messy eyeshadow fallout and help you create a perfect winged-tip liner look for a flawless finish every time. May be used for lipstick application.
5 200Ft/60 pcs 2 600Ft
ON SALE: 02.01.2024 - 31.12.2024
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Remove only top corners to apply. If more adhesion is needed, remove entire top strip. If less adhesion is needed, try “patting” the back on something sanitary and then apply. Application of shield doesn’t have to be directly on lash line- it can be applied under the bulge of the eye or wherever most comfortable. When applying shield, allow backing to crease-it will form a small lip, helping to catch the fallout!