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BF Cosmetics Beauty Blender Pink

BRAND: BF Cosmetics / Aoyasiyue Best
PRODUCT: Beauty Blender Pink

especially for the comers on face. The top fits eyes, eyelash and deep on face. And the botton fits the curve of face. This is the best puff. It can control the foundation and make it smooth on face.

No latex, allergen and gluten free. Keep skin healthy.

- it has no latex so that it fits all kinds of skin
- it has V-E and keeps the water in skin
- oil proof and keep skin healthy
- hydrophilia and easy to turn back to shape
- polymer technology makes puff smooth and durable

It fits pressed powder, cream stick. The top fits concealer.

For fine and difficult to take into account the facial area. Its tip suitable for deep eyelids, eyelashes has skin texture. And it s tail and can be a good fit with the contours of the face.
490Ft/pcs 245Ft
ON SALE: 01.02.2024 - 31.12.2024
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