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ARDELL 'N Rage™ 'NTense Pink

BRAND: Ardell

Ardell 'N Tense ('N Rage) One Step Hair Color Bleach Kit (also known as ('N Rage Mix 'n Go One Step Bleach 'n Color System). There's only one 'N Rage Hair Color System: One single step. In 30 minutes or less you get the brightest, coolest, hottest colors around. The patented one step haircolor system is a combination of unique ingredients which prelighten natural haircolor as it deposits brilliant, bright and dazzling color.

-Lifts and deposits color in one step
-No pre-bleaching needed
-Long-lasting results
7 550Ft/pcs 1 500Ft
ON SALE: 05.01.2024 - 31.12.2024
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CAUTIONS: when opening packette, hold away from face and avoid inhaling contents. This product contains ingredients which may cause irritation on certain individuals. Preliminary patch test is recommended. D o not use on eyebrows or eyelashes, to do so may cause blindness. If mixture gets into eyes, flush with a large amount of water and seek medical attention. Do not use over damaged hair or hair that has been processed with metallic dye, henna or bleach. Do not perm over color. Always wear gloves. Do not apply if skin or scalp is broken or abraded. Do not apply directly to the scalp. To do so may cause irritation or burns. When applying, keep product 1/4 inch off the scalp area. Do not shampoo prior to application. Wait 24 hours between any chemical application. Keep in a cool dry place away from heat and light. Discard any unused mixture.