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MaqPro PROFESSIONAL Plasto Nat Stars Wax

BRAND: MaqPro Professional
PRODUCT: Plasto Nat

The PLASTO-NAT is a modelling paste used like modelling clay on the skin (use the LATEX PROTECTIVE COVERING before the application of it). Depending of the effect wanted you can make it stronger adding a thin couch of SEALOR which is allowed a compression without to put out of shame your realization. Once the volume puts in place you can make up the PLASTO-NAT with the CREAM BLUSHERS.

Make-up remover: we recommend to use the MAKE-UP REMOVER JELLY to get rid of the colouring and to take off everything use a cotton wool and adhesive and latex Solvent.

Our products meet the requirement of the French Cosmetics Law and French Cosmetics Regulations which are in line with the European Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC.

None of our cosmetics are tested on animals
3 450Ft/pcs
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