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MaqPro Professional Demaquillant Argan 60 ml

BRAND: MaqPro Professional
PRODUCT: Demaquillant Argan 60 ml

MaqPro Huile Damaquillante and Argan contains Argan Oil, which is an extremely gentle oil that easily removes even the toughest all make-up, especially eye-make-up (including MaqPro own Waterproof Liners and Mascaras, which are quite stubborn to get off!) without needing to scrub and rub your eyes unecessarily. The Argan Oil leaves your eyes, skin feeling moisturised with no oily or greasy residue.
5 900Ft/pcs 2 950Ft
ON SALE: 02.01.2024 - 31.12.2024
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Size: 60 ml | Price: 49 150Ft / l