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PaintGlow Fright Fest Zombie Slime

BRAND: PaintGlow
PRODUCT: Fright Fest Zombie Slime

The best fake blood & Slimes in the World. Made by Fright Fest in the UK. This is a professional thick clotted blood.

Fake blood studio quality - squirt it, smear it, or perhaps even congeal It- whichever your style, whoever your victim, Fright Fest fake blood Is the original and the very best!

Perfect for creating the ultimate ghoulish gore, whether you'd like to create seeping halloween wounds and bloody bites, or realistic stage and theatrical blood will give you the ultimate fright night.
895Ft/pcs 445Ft
ON SALE: 08.01.2024 - 31.12.2024
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Size: 12 ml | Price: 37 255Ft / l