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SLEEK Brow Kit

BRAND: Sleek

Frame your face, whilst giving the eye area an instant lift with our Brow Kit.

This set includes:

- Pigmented wax for shaping
- Powder for setting
- Mini tweezers
- Mini angled brush
- Mini blending brush
- Mirror

Store in a cool dry place.
Not tested on animals.

Sleek MakeUP’s perfectly compact Brow Kit is small enough to fit in your handbag.

Apply the shaping wax with the hard, angled brush following the natural shape of your brow to define the brows’ shape.
Using the setting powder, apply across the brow sparingly to fill any gaps and create a fuller brow.
Use Brow Kit after applying the rest of your makeup and especially after pressed or finishing powder; loose brush strokes might spoil your perfectly groomed brows.
For an extra perfect finish, brush brows with Sleek MakeUP’s Waterproof Mascara in Clear
3 310Ft/kit 2 320Ft
ON SALE: 23.03.2022 - 31.12.2022
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1. Apply the pigmented wax using the mini angled brush in gentle strokes, to shape and define brows. Follow the direction the brow hair naturally grows

2. Use the round blending brush to apply the setting powder. This will fill in sparse areas and lock brows in place

3. Pluck away any stray hairs using the discreet mini tweezers