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ZAO Mineral Bronzing Powder REFILL 346 Mattifying Bright Complexion

PRODUCT: Mineral Bronzing Powder Refill
COLOR: 346 Mattifying Bright Complexion

Real clay with a slight shimmer, cooked in an oven, ideal for a tanned complexion and cleavage throughout the year. Bright golden copper, bronze, apricot or a pinkish-brown tan … choose your shade to match the season. Note that all of our powders are talc-free.

This product, as with all ZAO products, is free from parabens (synthetic preservatives), using instead micronised silver as an effective and non-toxic preservative. ZAO does not use nanoparticles in their products, with the micronised silver being larger than nanoparticle size, making ZAO products safe and free from toxic preservatives.
4 490Ft/pcs 2 245Ft
ON SALE: 19.01.2023 - 30.12.2023
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Size: 15 g | Price: 149 690Ft / kg